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How to Fix a Slow Computer

If your computer is so slow (how slow is it!?) that you had time to think of funny replies, then read this article to fix it up. Blazing speed is close!


Watch Videos on the Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality is great for video games like Skyrim. But if you're not a gamer, or are confused by the many many buttons on the controllers, maybe you just want to watch movies. This article will help you do so, and debug things when the videos don't work!


Manage Your Passwords

Sure, it started out maybe one password, and you stored it in the browser. Then suddenly it multiplies exponentially. How the blazes do you keep trakc of the passwords? By following our advice in this article.


Upgrade Computer Audio

You've paid for the ultimate in graphics power and have mastered all enemies...now it's time for you to hear their cries of despair in all their piercing glory. To do that, follow our guide to upgrade your computer audio.


Install a Blu-Ray Drive

If you feel the need to count each and every pore on Alan Rickman's face when watching your old Harry Potter movies, then you'll want to upgrade your computer with a Blu-Ray drive. Find out how here!


Best Pokemon Go Gym Strategies

So your kids are kicking butt playing this silly game, eh? Your pride can't take it? Read up on these strategies to help beat 'em. You can do it, and then can catch 'em all!